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01. Shattered Colony - 16944
02. Goodgame Empire - 5472
03. Rebuild - 1905
04. Imperium II - 1444
05. Royal Envoy - 897
06. Knight Elite - 804
07. Grow Valley - 636
Most Popular
Goodgame EmpireKnight Elite
Imperium IIRebuild
Shattered ColonyRoyal Envoy
Empire Building Games
Goodgame Empire Goodgame Empire
Build your empire and your army to fight other players head to head and emerge the leader of your empire.
Grow Valley Grow Valley
Grow Valley : Take part in this puzzle based online game where your main motive should be to grow the valley and make it prosperous. Use the available options very wisely and in the right order.
Rebuild Rebuild
Rebuild : Play this turn based game in which your main objective is to defend the city from the attacks of the zombies. You will need to use strategy to outsmart the zombies.
Royal Envoy Royal Envoy
Royal Envoy : Save the island from the powers of nature by making the necessary arrangements to withstand the trouble time. The game is colorful and has to be played with strategy making abilities.
Knight Elite Knight Elite
Knight Elite : It is time for you to show your strategy making abilities and the abilities to be a skilled knight who will protect the base from the orc invasions.
Shattered Colony Shattered Colony
Shattered Colony : Deploy various units in the most effective positions to take down all the zombies who are her with evil intentions. There are so many weapons and options to use during the game play.
Imperium II Imperium II
Imperium II : This is a challenging building game where you should use the available resources very effectively and later wage wars against the enemies. Conquering all the 96 areas in the game will make you the winner.

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01. vpetkov - 6
02. jason hall - 3
03. KING - 2
04. Francisco - 2
05. ace58 - 2
Top Rated
01. Shattered Colony - 6
02. Rebuild - 6
03. Grow Valley - 6
04. Royal Envoy - 5
05. Imperium II - 5
06. Knight Elite - 5
07. Goodgame Empire - 5
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